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Tools and Tactics of the Portland Protests

The tools and tactics used by protesters and activists on the streets of Portland have let us stand up against corrupt government, police violence, and even military infiltration of our groups.
A movement that combines a wide range of the tactics as described in the Crimethinc article —the way demonstrators have done in Portland— can hold space in the face of considerable state violence.

Read the Crimethinc article...  https://salishseaathenaeum.blogspot.com/2020/12/tools-and-tactics-in-portland-protests.html

There is no single right way to protest. Whether you're chanting on the frontlines or helping distribute water and supplies in the back, whether you're sitting quietly outside of a government building, marching down the middle of the street, or taking actions to put corrupt and abusive police on the defensive, you are contributing to the movement.

Learn how to protect yourself on the streets with information in these articles...  https://salishseaathenaeum.blogspot.com/2020/12/how-to-stay-safe-during-street-protest.html

At the Salish Sea Athenaeum ( https://salishseaathenaeum.blogspot.com/) we provide information and resources to help you protect yourself from corrupt and abusive government agents.

These are the tactics seen by non-protesters 05.Dec.2020 13:38


- Vandalize private and public property
- Set things on fire
- Steal stuff
- Disturb people sleeping in their homes
- Deceive people and misrepresent real issues like racial and social justice

All the above are tacitly supported by Portland City Council

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